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"AthleticZone is unique and exciting”, says Blum.  “Any young athlete or youth fitness participant ​looking to improve in a sport, lose weight, build confidence or gain a healthier lifestyle will benefit." 

AthleticZone is a training center dedicated entirely to the fitness and sport performance of children aged 6 – 18. yrs.

​Dedicated to the quest of enriching young lives through fitness and sport performance training via innovation and application of physical, character and leadership qualities that are delivered by the most well-educated, certified and connected coaches in the area.

Our idea of opening a youth sports performance training center came from years of watching our kids play sports.  There was frustration of watching injuries, the lack of flexibility, too much standing around and not properly preparing the athletes to compete.  Watching coaches at all levels running drills and not teaching the basics of running, balance, coordination and core strength became more frustrating as the competition level grew.  Nothing was being done to prevent injuries. 

At the AthleticZone we’re all about preventing injuries.  We concentrate with our progressive training on stretching, using your own body weight, and using bands for resistance training – lots of medicine balls and kettle bells too.  Another area of concentration is speed and agility.  We teach proper form to achieve maximum ability to perform at your best.  We’ll get you ready for what's next - that next tryout, getting the starting spot or maybe that look from a college or high school coach. 

​​The AthleticZone and its coaches can guarantee that our progressive system of training will enhance your child’s or team’s sport performance, general fitness and well-being, as well as provide them with an intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive environment that will sow the seeds for a lifetime of sporting excellence and healthy living.

​​​No matter the sport or student’s age, the AthleticZone has a proven system for training that will be successful at helping you reach and dominate at the next level:  
- Increase Speed and Agility      
- Dominating Strength and Agility    
- Core Training        
- Injury Prevention         
- First Step Explosion        
- Introduction to Athletics, Balance and Coordination
- Health, Wellness and Body Fat Reduction        
​- Self Confidence

AthleticZone has a training system that is based on increasing speed, strength, flexibility and power, but maintains a great focus on keeping young athletes safe and injury free. The training system has been developed by some of the most well-known and successful coaches in the world and has been field-tested on kids and teens around the globe.​


Part of a school sports team or club sport? We can customize a series of training sessions to meet your conditioning goals. Take advantage of your off-season to build strength and endurance. Pricing depends on group size, please call us for more information.


Take advantage of unlimited group classes when you enroll in a monthly membership. With several time slots during the weekday evenings and available personal and team trainings both weekdays and weekends, there are classes for all age groups.
$100 per month per person / $125 high school athletes.


Whether you are looking for a personalized workouts or an individual stretching session to keep you loose and flexible, our personal trainers can help. You chart your fitness course, we'll be the compass. Personal training is available in singular one-hour sessions or in a series. Pricing will depend on the number of sessions purchased.


The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step of the way. Contact us for a free tour!

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