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advanced Training - high school and Middle school 

(Ages 11-13 AND 14+)

Middle School (Ages 10-13)

Elementary  school (Ages 6 – 10)

Creating a champion

This is a fun and safe environment to introduce our children to athletics and help them on their way to healthy living. AthleticZone Coaches in our Elementary phase will help promote a team atmosphere while introducing fitness and challenging these young explorers.  We have a fun approach to introduce fitness programs that will keep them coming back for more and get them ready for their next challenge.  

Weekday Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday:

Personal Training - call to schedule

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Monday and Wednesday (Summer):  
1:00 pm   Advanced Training

5:30 pm   Middle School

5:30 pm   Elementary Training

Becoming A Champion

Our Advanced Training is where more concentrated training applications takes place.  We'll push these athletes to be the best of the best.  Whether the goal is being the best at  your sport for college athletics, maybe that starting spot in high school or perhaps it's to be well rounded in fitness, this portion of the AthleticZone model is based on solid execution and advanced training methods so that each participant can maximize their respective goals.

In Becoming a Champion, our program is age specific and created around you and your children’s goals.  We'll take you to new heights while challenging these athletes to be the best of the best.

Transitioning To Champion

The Middle School phase is based on young participants establishing athletic intelligence through a carefully planned training programming.  When entering middle school you need to be ready for the heightened competition and we’ll get you ready.  It’s essential for core strength and proper form to be ready to compete at this level.  We'll work with your athlete to build:      

      -Core Strength
      -First Step Explosion
      -Increasing Speed and Agility
      -Dominating Strength and Power
      -Injury Prevention

​​This will be the time to build the proper athletic ability to play high school and college sports.

We have flexible training classes

to meet your individual, team and family needs. 

AthleticZone uses a progressive training system, which has been successfully tested all over the world. It is a training system designed to increase speed, strength, flexibility and power but also maintains a great focus on keeping young athletes safe and injury free while building self-confidence.  Our facility coupled with our programs and best in class coaching, we are certain to get these young athletes and exercise seekers to levels where they have the best chance to compete at the next level. Being a few steps ahead of the competition in this very competitive sports age has never been more important – we’ll get you there.

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